Why Work Abroad ?

Work Abroad

The world has become a global village! Organizations are looking forward to cross border hiring which opens door to diverse range of high-paid job offers across industries in countries like Germany, UK and UAE. If you are looking forward to work abroad as a fresher or having a mid-career shift or want to explore jobs abroad, you are at the right place.

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Who We Are

2COMS is a human resource management & solutions group with large scale operations in recruitment, staffing, and skill development. We have been serving corporate and government stakeholders for 30 years.

IndieTalent, an initiative of 2COMS Group, is dedicated in assisting candidates make an overseas career while assisting clients deploy and harness global talent.

IndieTalent, is one of the best global recruitment agency. We help international career aspirants make a meaningful career abroad. We play our part in educating and training the candidates with language training, migration support and cultural alignment training to make them ready for a global career.

Why Work Abroad ?

Working abroad lets you build an international career which sets you apart from the crowd. As such, working abroad does not limit your career to the opportunities prevailing in your home country.

Accessing the global employment market is now easier with IndieTalent

Why make a career overseas?

  • Onboarding Solutions
  • Better
    job prospects

  • Onboarding Solutions
  • Secure
    high paid jobs

  • Onboarding Solutions
  • Expand your
    professional network

  • Onboarding Solutions
  • Develop new life
    experiences while you earn

  • Onboarding Solutions
  • Gain new personal and professional experience

  • Onboarding Solutions
  • Working experience in
    cross-cultural environments

Our Support Services

While you prepare and dream for a bright international career, we help you achieve it with ease!
Job Hand-Holding

We will give you the suitable job available. If you want to change jobs during the program we will help you to resettle to another job.

Cultural alignment
& Preliminary Training

We help you better understand your career paths and take an informed decision

Language Training

We will facilitate language training. You will be provided with foreign language training and help you build communication skills before you move abroad.

Location Support

We will help you once you reach your destination country in terms of location.

Post Placement Support

After you have got a job, we will help you in further communication with the companies.

Migration Support

We will help you with the entire documentation and visa process as well as other necessary documentation.

On-Job Training

We would make sure that you are provided with on-job training initially at your respective companies.

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